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Information and the Legal Professional

Too much information, too little time

Legal professionals have long struggled with the problem of information - -   finding it, understanding it, synthesizing it, managing it and presenting it. 

And the problem keeps getting worse - not better  New information is electronically published each day.  New tools constantly claim to help sort through each new wave of information.

What works and what doesn't?  What resources are best for different research needs?  Which information sources are credible and reliable?  What are the best tools for information organization and management?

Our goal

The goal of Knowledge Management Seminars is to help legal professionals deal more effectively and efficiently with information through training focused on:

Locating and evaluating electronic information resources through the Internet, Westlaw,© Lexis/Nexis,© and private fee-based electronic information databases
Informational retrieval and management software programs
Information processing and organizational software such as TimeMatters©
Email and other Internet-based communication systems (including encryption, document sharing, Web-based conferencing, on-line training and voice communications and Internet connection options such as ADSL, cable and satellite linkups)
Information presentation through Website development and software tools such as PowerPoint,© PresentationPlus,© and TrialPro.©

Our training programs

Knowledge Management Seminars is a St. Louis-based training company focused on the information resource and management needs of Midwestern legal professionals and para-professionals.  Each of our training programs is designed with local needs in mind.

Programs are also targeted for specific skill levels.   For example, our Advanced Internet Searching and Organization Training Program requires pre-existing familiarity with one or more commercial browsers and the use of general search engines and directories.

"Hands-on" programs are conducted at our training center which is equipped with ten (10) Pentium-class PC workstations.  Each workstation is connected to the Internet through a live high-speed ADSL Internet connection.  

Plus, all of our trainers are legal professionals with substantive legal skills as well as technical knowledge.

We hope most of your questions will be answered by the information provided on this Website.  However, please don't hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have.  Our contact information is provided below.

Contact Information

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