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Electronic Information Training

Many people believe that the "Net has changed everything."

And it has - - to some extent. 

The Internet offers vast quantities of information, some of it authoritative, unique and valuable - and some of it not.  Some of it free, some fee-based.

In short, the Internet poses unique challenges in finding, assessing and managing information.  In fact, a Nua Internet Surveys report of a survey by NEC Research Institute in Princeton, NJ, reports that only one-sixth of the information available on the Internet is indexed and can be accessed using any one search engine (Northern Lights© currently has the largest database).  In contrast, one-third of all Internet information was indexed in 1998 (when HotBot© had the largest database).

In contrast, proprietary fee-based electronic databases like Lexis/Nexis©, Dialog© and DowJones© specialize in providing sophisticated search tools to quickly and easily find information.  Source material is carefully screened and validated.  BUT, proprietary fee-based database research is limited to the information someone else considers valuable - and access doesn't come "cheap."

Our electronic information training goal is to assist legal professionals in selecting the most effective and efficient information resources, locating information on that resource, assessing the quality of the located information, and managing its access and use.

For more information, please review our Internet Training and our Proprietary Information Training pages.

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