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General Research Links
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Database Resources

Alpha Search:   Indexes "gateway sites" (sites that provide links on a specific subject such as "bio medicine" or "Africa" or "trade").

Alt-HealthWatch   Database of information  "focused on all areas of alternative, holistic, complementary and integrated /" target="_blank">The Internet Archive

Network Associates Internet Hoax Site

Symantec Computer Virus Site

Virus Encyclopedia

WhoIs Directory:  Domain Names


AmosWorld Reading Room:  Economic papers and treatises selected by Oklahoma State Business Department.

B&E DataLinks  Annotated economics, finance, macroeconomics and labor statistics links published by the American Statistical Organization.

Cost of a Bad Hire Calculator

Cost of Employee Turnover Calculator

EconData (socio-economic data)

ECONlinks (Dr. Scott Simkins):  Absolutely amazing collection of links to economic information on the Web.

Economic Database

Economic and Social Impacts of Electronic Commerce

Financial Search Engine (world-wide)

Key U.S. Economic Data:  Includes Consumer Price Index, Producer Price Index, Economic Indicators (personal income, international trade, interest rates, gross domestic product).

STAT-USA/Internet A service of the U.S. Department of Commerce.   Includes State of the Nation database providing current and historical economic and financial releases and economic data (access to reports requires subscription) and GLOBUS and NTDB databases providing current and historical trade-related releases, international market research, trade opportunities, country analysis, and trade library (access to reports also requires subscription).  Individual reports and releases may also be purchased individually (through an on-line ordering process).

USDA Economic Research Service

Wachowicz's Web World   Financial Analysis Links


Education Statistics in Brief:  Statistical information about US educational issues collected by the US Federal government.  In PDF format.


Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (EEVL) Annotated links, browsable database of 2000+ engineering resources in 9 primary categories.

EELS - Engineering Electronic Library Sweden  Annotated links to 1200+ searchable engineering resources.

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science


AltaVista Canada:  Index of Canadian pages, including in-depth index of Canada governmental pages.  Also includes a very good Canadian news article search feature.

Asiaco   Yahoo-like interface for search-directory devoted to Asian subjects.

AsiaSource  By the Asia Society.  News stories, articles, speeches, maps and statistics focusing on Asian culture, business, politics, and history.  Also includes a database of Asian specialists.

Business Culture Briefings  (fee based)

Canada Newswire

Canadian CEO   Canadian business portal

Career Mosaic International Jobs Database

Comparison Data for Nations

Country Profiles by the Electronic Development and Environment Information System

Doing Business Abraod:  Get Customs Webs

Escape from America International Job Bank

Federation of International Stock Exchanges

Foreign Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members

Foreign and International Law Resources by the University of Chicago

Foreign and International Law Resources on the Web  Published by Cornell University.


Global Finder   Fee-based international stock exchange information.

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases - Table of Contents  Published by NYU.

International Country Home Pages

The Microstate Network   Links to information on small countries such as Belize.

Nedsite Search Center:   Includes Website resources for international email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, street addresses, missing persons, genealogy.

Official European Government Information.

Pepperdine University Guide to International Business Websites:  Quality guide prepared by Pepperdine University librarians.

PRO Catalogue Online   Produced by the UK Public Record Office (PRO).  Database includes over eight million document references "with descriptions of the documents and descriptions of the classes in which they are categorized."  Broseable and searchable court and department records.  Hyperlinked descriptions are available for each class and subclass. Keyword searches can be further modified by lettercode and class/subclass. Search results include lettercode title, class title, piece title, header title, and closure status. Also includes over 100 full-text research information leaflets and information on the Core Executive Project, which offers reference numbers to selected policy records of 20th-century British Government departments.

Relocation Information (including international relocations)

Search Engine Colossus:   country- or region- specific search engines.


Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Alt-HealthWatch   Database of information  "focused on all areas of alternative, holistic, complementary and integrated approaches to health care and wellness."  By SoftLine Information.  Full-text, fully indexed and searchable.

Centerwatch  Information on clinical drug and treatment trials.

CPG Infobase  Published by the Canadian Medical Association.  Site includes Canadian clinic practice guidelines endorsed by a national, provincial or territorial medical or health organization, professional society, government agency or expert panel.  browsable by title, category, developer, or new additions. 

DNA Patent Database

DRUGINFO Database (also available through telnet: VT100 emulation: select <pa> and <1> for Lumina Main Menu. Type <go>, menu selection DRUG). References, with abstracts, ATOD literature: educational, psychological and sociological comprehensively and medical/biological selectively.

EurekAlert!  Focus on breaking medical and scientific news. EurekAlert! is produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and features selected press releases by institutions, science media, peer-reviewed research journals, and medical journalism groups.

ETOH Database of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The world's key database for alcohol research from all disciplines.

Evaluating healthcare information: Criteria for Assessing the Quality of Health Information on the Internet 

Evaluating Health Information on the Internet:  Collection of links providing health care information evaluation including How to Spot a Quacky Website.  Site is a good example of why careful assessment of information (and opinions) provided on Websites is necessary.

Health Finder  Government sponsored site with a wealth of links to health-related sites.

HealthGrades  Doctor, hospital and healthcare ratings.

Internet Grateful Med  (IGM) searches MEDLINE® using the retrieval engine of NLM's PubMed system.  User can select searches from not only Medline, but also AidsLine, AidsDrugs, AidsTrials, BioethicsLine, ChemID, DirLine, HealthSTAR, HistLine, HSRProj, Old MedLine, PopLine, SDILine, SpaceLine and ToxLine.  Site includes a brief description of each database.  Produced by the National Library of Medicine.

Mayo Clinic  Health information from the Mayo Clinic.  Includes email feature in which clinic doctors answer medical questions.

Medhunt  Searchable database of links to health information.

Medscape Medical News   Features medical news, government news, drug news, medical technology news, epidemiology news, health policy news, health promotion news, medical conference reporting.

Mental Health Net Professional Resources Annotated links to Web resources on mental health topics, psych journals, newsgroups, diagnostic criteria information, and mental health organizations.

National Institute of Health   Links to health-related federal agencies and diseases being studied by each agency.

NCADI Database  Ten searchable databases including IDA (Information About Drugs and Alcohol), PMD (Prevention Materials Database), and National Treatment and Prevention Program Database.

The OAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Citation Index  Index includes over 90,000 bibliographic from the National Library Of Medicine Medline database.

On-line Dictionary of Street Drug Slang  Street drug slang terms from the Indiana Prevention Resource Center with additions from the National Drug and Crime Clearinghouse slang term list.

Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information

Substance Abuse Information Database (SAID) Produced by the U.S. Department of Labor.   Includes abstracts, summaries and selective full-text books, pamphlets and training manuals.

Virus Databases Online Developed under the auspices of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV), Virology Division, International Union of Microbiology Society.

Names, Addresses and Geographic Locations

AnyWho People Finder


Edgar OnLine People Information:  Allow researchers to enter the name of a person and retrieve information on recent proxies in which the person has appeared (and the boards on which they sit), insider trades, IPO filings, mergers and acquisitions participation, quarterly report references, etc.

EgoSurf  generates daily email reports on names entered in tracking service (1 name free)

Finding People on the Net: address, phone numbers, email addresses  Very good article from

Harris On-Line:  Locations of manufacturing facilities.

InfoSpace Reverse Phone Directory

InfoUSA Phone Directory

Nedsite Search Center:   Includes Website resources for international email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, street addresses, missing persons, genealogy.


ProCD Phone Finder

Six in One Phone Directory

Reverse Phone Directory

WhoIs Gateway:  Allows searches on domain names for domain name owners.

WhoWhere People Finder:  One of the largest people finder indices available on the Web.


AltaVista Canada:  Index of Canadian pages, including in-depth index of Canada governmental pages.  Also includes a very good Canadian news article search feature.

Canada Newswire

Ethnic NewsWatch  Database of over 500,000 articles from "ethnic, native and minority" media sources.  Archives date back to the 1980s.  Published by SoftLine Information.  Full-text, fully indexed and searchable by keyword.

LookOut! News Registration Service

News Directory Guide to English language media online. Guide to English language media on-line. Searchable and browseable.   Also includes links to city governments.

News Index  News only search engine. Designed to provide news articles from the previous seven days.  Does not provide dates of articles or list of sources.  No archives.

Newspaper Archives on the Web

PRESSLine   Media release database.

TotalNEWS  Direct links to all the major breaking news sites and to hundreds of in-depth coverage sites. Date given for articles is date article was found, not the date of the story.  Full content of all news stories in the database is not indexed.

U.S. Newspapers by State:  Convenient and easy to use links to on-line US newspapers.


BBB On-Line:  Better Business Bureau privacy program (similar to TRUSTE.e).  Includes business and consumer privacy information and links.

Stanford Law Review:  Privacy and Encryption

TRUST.e Business Privacy:  Licensing of ecommerce sites that agree to the TRUST.e privacy principles.  Also provides a great deal of information about on-line privacy, both for site owners and consumers.

Products and Product Information

Harris On-Line:  Locations of U.S. manufacturing facilities.


Biotechnology Information Resource (BIC)  Maintained by the National Agricultural Library of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Information on biotechnology research and regulation.  Includes the full text of selected biotechnology patents (1994-96), research news and newsletters, links to sites involved in biotech education, government and NGO documents, bibliographies (all from 1996), and subject specific resources for Bovine Somatotropin (bST/BGH), Bioremediation, and BT Toxin.

Explore Zone   Earth, space and weather science news and reference

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science

Science Daily Magazine  Breaking science-related news.

Sheffield ChemDex Links to chemical information on the Web, including companies, government agencies, government labs, newsgroups, software, 19 substantive chemistry categories, and chemical meta-sites.

Useful Reference Tools

American National Standards Institute (ANSI):  Current resources on national and international standards activities.

Business Basics for the Workplace (business concepts tutorial)

Find your best place: Cost of Living Comparator  Allows user to compare costs of living between 2 US cities (amount of salary necessary to live in both cities in the same standard of living).   Also has basic statistical information on US cities.

County Population Estimates:  The Population Estimates Program produces for counties each year: total population estimates and county estimates by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. The release of total population estimates in winter also includes demographic components of change. In the summer, the Program releases the estimates by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. The reference date for county population estimates is July 1.

Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conversions.

Encyclopedia Brittanica (full verion now free online)

eHow   "How-To" information

InfoJump  Electronic periodicals search engine

Internet Book Information Center (IBIC)  Links to books published on the Internet.

Internet Encyclopedia   Incredibly useful resource covering technical Internet topics such as Internet history, organization, concepts (ex. application programming, datagrams and domain names), flow control, IP addresses, LANs and WANs, protocols, file transfers, email formats, email transports (SMTP, POP, for example), network management, routing, security, hardward (ethernet, ISDN, etc.), software (DNS) hypertext, languages (ex., Java and Perl), testing (ex., pinging).  Entire encyclopedia is downloaded (but is close to 200 MB). Searchable and browseable.  Good quick references for common questions. Includes links to medical info such as drug information, hospital addresses, shipping tracking and rates, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

LibrarySpot    Good collection of links to libraries, newspapers, encyclopedias, maps and and similar general reference materials.

Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'   Good collection of links for general reference materials such as weights and measures charts, national and international shipping information, express mail and package services, style books, etc.

Martindale's 'The Reference Desk Calculators On-Line'  Amazing collection of specialized calculators for almost every purpose - mortgage, shipping weights, chemical weights, etc.

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Newsletter Editors' Reference List   Another good collection of general reference links - everything a newspaper editor might need - media resources, graphics guides, shipping guides, color specifications, fonts, dictionaries, thesauruses, style books, citation guidelines, etc.

New Testament Gateway

No Wonder Free hardware and software technical support by volunteers.

OneLook Dictionaries (Dictionary), The Faster Finder

Online Business Plan Templates

Online World Appendix 6  Web glossary.

Phrase Finder Meanings and origins of English phrases.

Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus

Specialty Books  Resources for finding specialty and out-of-print books.  Very successful in locating books not found by other book search services.

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Unbound Bible  Searchable database of the Bible in many different versions.

Units of Measurement

Wordsmyth  educational dictionary-thesaurus


Bookmark (Favorites) Management

Bookmark Management Links:   Collection of links to software programs.  Includes a rough rating guide.


ABA Official Citation Resolutions

Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information

Beyond the MSA Handbook: Documenting Electronic Sources on the Internet, Andrew Harnac and Gene Kleppinger

Carnegie-Mellon Style Guide

Citation Reference Collection

Coalition of E-Journals Citation Recommendations

Emory University Citation Formats

MLA Style - Citing Sources from the World Wide Web

Style Guide by The Economict

Yale Style Manual

Evaluating Internet Information

Duke University Web Page Evaluation Worksheet

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Evaluating Quality on the Internet An excellent article by Hope N. Tillman, Director of Libraries, Babson College, Babson Park, MA.

Internet Detective   Extremely good resource from the Institute for Learning and Research Technology at the University of Bristol.  Interactive quizzes and other tools to help students learn to assess Internet information quality.

Web Evaluation:  Widener University

Search Engines, Directories, Catalogs, Gateways and Webliographies

AltaVista Search Engine  One of the most sophisticated search engines, capable of complex Boolean searches.

Ask Jeeves   Natural language search directory.  Question and answer format to pre-formatted questions.   Answers from database of pre-formatted questions.

Best of BUSLIB-L   Monthly list of most valuable business research resources from the business librarians research email list.

CARL  Tables of content from journals

Cyberholics Search Engine  Searches AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, WebCrawler, Excite, InfoSeek, Magellan and Yahoo, but also includes links to many lesser known search engines and search directories including AliWeb, LinkStar, OKRA, Education Station Research, Biology Search Palette, Event Search and Art Search.

DataGold©:  United Kingdom specific search engine.

Dogpile MetaSearch Engine  One of the better metasearch engines.  Searches (1) Web: Yahoo, Lycos' A2Z, Excite Guide,, PlanetSearch, Thunderstone, What U Seek, Magellan, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, Excite & AltaVista. (2) Usenet: Reference, Dejanews, AltaVista and Dejanews old database. (3) FTP: Filez and FAST FTP Search.   (Only the first word will be passed on to FTP Search.) Other search features include business publications and news sources.  Researchers may customize list of search engines searched by Dogpile.

The Electric Monk  Natural language searching of AltaVista database.  Best for questions with specific answers (ex. , "Who was the 21st President of the United States?)

eTour  Changing list of Internet sites based on user interests  Can be configured to present new sites each day as a "home page" or can be used as a bookmark. Also includes a feature that allows users to vote on sites. Categories are news/information, arts/entertainment, personal finance, hobbies, sports, life interests (charity, college, kids sites, maternity/new parents, etc.), shopping and miscellaneous.  Requires users to register.   Registration requires picking interests out of interest lists, providing name, email address, birthdate, gender, income level, marital status and home ownership status. Sites presented are fairly useful ones.  No legal interest sites option. No information on site selection criteria.  Sites are mixed commercial and non-commercial.

Excite Search Engine

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Ex Libris--an E-Zine for Librarians and Information Junkies:  Weekly ezine for librarians that features information on library-quality research sites.

FAST Search Engine  Claims to index more than 200 million unique URLs.  If this claim is valid, FAST has more indexed pages than any other search engine (Northern Light claims iit has indexed 128 million pages).

Forum One   Search Engine/Guide to Online Discussion Forums/Message Boards.

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Google  Easy to search, good relevancy criteria.  Able to index robot-restricted pages.

HotBot Search Engine.  Now includes a "Search Within" feature which allows researchers to search for new search terms within a list of returned links (simliar to the "locate" features on WestLaw and Lexis).

Inference Search Engine  Searches AltaVista, Excite, InfoSeek, Yahoo and Webcrawler. Merges results, removes redundancies and clusters related sites together. Results from individual search engines have been incomplete in test searches.

InfoJump  Electronic periodicals search engine

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Informant (Dartmouth College) Registers queries, runs them on a regular basis and then emails the registrant when a new or changed resources are returned by a search engine.

InfoSeek Search Engine

Internet Scout Project Homepage

ISleuth Search Engine  Searches AltaVista, Excite, InfoSeek, WebCrawler, Yahoo, Lycos and Magellan. Also offers links to smaller search engines and search directories, a search of newly reviewed sites by Lycos, Excite and Magellan and new listings for Yahoo and Linkmonster.  Includes fee-based databases and information resources.

Karl Heinz Resch's Web Pages  Good collection of more esoteric research links (many not readily available from search engines).

Karnak  Web research monitoring service

Librarians Guide to the Internet:  Very good quality sites on a large number of subjects.   Sites are selected by California State Library System librarians.  Also includes a mailing list for notice of new sites included in the Guide.  To subscribe, send the message <subscribe liiweek your Firstname your Lastname> to

Librarians' Index to the Internet  

Librarians' Resource Centre - SLA Toronto Chapter Toolbox  Includes reviewed links to search engines, directories, databases, dictionaries, company data, country reports, travel information and general reference collections.  Published by the Toronto chapter of the Special Librarians Association.

LookOut! News Registration Service

LookSmart Directory of links reviewed by LookSmart editors.  Also includes the feature, LookSmart Live.  LookSmart Live allows searchers to pose questions to LookSmart editors and receive an email of recommended links.

Lycos Rich Media Multi-Media Search Engine

Lycos Search Engine  Now includes a research center that includes Funk & Wagnells Multimedia Encyclopedia, Random House Webster's College Dictionary and Reuters news. Sources may be searched individually or simultaneously.   Also includes a media index to for locating animations, photographs, audio, maps and flags.

Metafind Search Engine  Same as Dogpile except that Metafind only searches search engines (Yahoo, Lycos' A2Z, Excite Guide,, PlanetSearch, Thunderstone, What U Seek, Magellan, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, Excite & AltaVista).

Needle in a Cyberstack   Info-Finder - 150+ pages of resources

Nettrain Archives Files   Archived quality Internet research resources from the Net Training email mailing list.  A list of available archived files can be obtained by sending an email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU with the command "index Nettrain" in the body of the email message.

News Index   News only search engine. Designed to provide news articles from the previous seven days.  Does not provide dates of articles or list of sources.  No archives.

NonProfit Gateway

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)NorthernLight Search Engine   Incredible range of features including Special Collection documents, Uncle Sam (government documents database), Web-bot notification service, and organization of Web search results into easy-to-use search categories.

Oingo Search Engine   Search engine that helps to define terms with multiple meanings to more precisely focus search results.

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Open Directory Project  Directory of resources compiled by volunteer subject-matter experts.

Pitsco's Ask an Expert Main Menu   Archived newsgroup postings.

Research   References to quality Web-based research sites.  Includes articles such as quick tips on Boolean searches and natural language searching. 

Respool-Netguide   Resources collected from librarian questions.  Some good lesser-known resources.

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Scout Select Bookmarks -- Subject Based Meta-Sites

Snap On-line  General search engine.   Includes an image-finder search function at Snap Picture Finder.

Swetscan  Tables of contents from journals

TotalNEWS  Direct links to all the major breaking news sites and to hundreds of in-depth coverage sites. Date given for articles is date article was found, not the date of the story.  Full content of all news stories in the database is not indexed.

TracerLock  Search engine monitoring

WebCrawler Search Engine.

World Wide Web Virtual Library:  The oldest Web catalog, created by Tim Berners-Lee, the "father" of the World Wide Web.  Expert volunteers compile key links for their areas of expertise.

Yahoo Search Directory.

Search Guidelines


The Extreme Searcher's Webpage:  A companion page to the book, The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines.   Good in-depth information on search engine news and innovations.  Also includes links to advanced research information, search engines and courses on Internet searching.

Finding It Online: Web Search Strategies

Forum One  Search Engine/Guide to Online Discussion Forums/Message Boards.

Guide to Network Resource Tools  Good general guide to Web search tools.

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)Law Library Resource Xchange(LLRX):   Very good free Webzine on legal resources and technology.  The June, 1999 issue features articles on Y2K legal issues for non-lawyers, Shepherd's vs. KeyCite, law firm intranets, viruses, search engine comparisons, resources for on-line rules of court and electronic discussion groups.  LLRX is a promotional tool for Current Legal Resources, publishers of on-line legal tools such as court rules and statutes.  The site is owned by Law Library Resource Xchange, L.L.C.

MetaSearch Engine Comparison Chart

Research   References to quality Web-based research sites.  Includes articles such as quick tips on Boolean searches and natural language searching. 

Search Engine Comparison Chart

Search Engine Directory and Engine Comparison (Berkeley)

Search Engine/Directory Features Summary (University At Albany Libraries)

Search Enginge Showdown:  Search Engine Features Chart

Search Engine Showdown:   User's Guide to Web Searching:  Charts and articles on searching the Internet using search engines.  Charts compare search features, contents of search engine databases, frequency of updates, coverage, etc.  Includes search tips and lists of specialized search engines such as those for email and street addresses, phone numbers, Usenet groups and subject directories.

Search Engine Watch Review Summaries  Summaries of major search engine reviews by CNet, ZDNet, Kiplinger Online and other Internet and PC-related organizations.

Search IQ

Search Strategies, PC World:  Very good article on general search engine/directory searching.  Includes comparison chart that highlights which search vehicles work best for certain kinds of searches.

Scientific American: Feature Article: Hypersearching the Web: June 1999

Search Tools and Directories

The Spider's Apprentice   In-depth analysis of popular search engines. Explains how each major search engine collects its information and how to formulate queries (includes information on the use of Boolean operators for each search engine).

University of Berkeley Internet Research Tutorial Outline Includes guides on analyzing your search topic for an Internet search, features of major search engines and formulating queries.

Undocumented Internet Secrets (from ZDNet)

Good!.jpg (1064 bytes)The Virtual Chase: A Research Site for Legal Professionals  The Virtual Chase offers strategies, subject guides, teaching webs, and similar information on legal Internet research.   Includes an annotated guide to legal resources, articles about Internet research, tutorials about finding company information, people and government information and resources on the Web, articles on assessment of Web information, a litigator's research guide to rules of court and an Internet research tip sheet.

Web Search Tools


Berkeley Digital Library Provides hyperlink access to over 2,000 libraries around the world.

Libweb - Library WWW Servers  Links to on-line catalogs of printed materials housed in academic and public libraries.

St. Louis University Library Catalog 

St. Louis University Law Library Webcat Resource information also includes the location of the resource, its call number, status (checked out/not checked out/library use only), bibliographic information and subject headings. Authorized SLU library users may also request materials via the Website.

The St. Louis University Law Library is part of MERLIN (Missouri Education and Research Libraries Information Network). In addition to the SLU law library catalog, MERLIN provides card catalog access to the St. Louis University main library, the University of Missouri - Columbia libraries (including the law library), the University of Missouri - Kansas City libraries (including the law library), the University of Missouri libraries and the University of Missouri archives.

UW-Madison Electronic Library Catalogs

Washington University Library Catalog  WULLIS Web () is the Washington University School of Law Library Catalog Webcat. Resource information includes the location of the resource, its call number, status (checked out/not checked out) and subject headings.

Webcats   Library catalogues that have actually been posted on the Web in hypertext protocol language.  Some catalogues require the use of "telnet" software that allows a user to log onto a remote computer from the user's local computer. The difference between telnetting and using the Web is that when telnetting, the user is actually logged on to the remote computer. With the Web, information is captured on the user's local system.

Tutorials and Help Articles

Internet Detective   Extremely good resource from the Institute for Learning and Research Technology at the University of Bristol.  Interactive quizzes and other tools to help students learn to assess Internet information quality.

Internet Research for Legal Professionals

Internet Skills and Strategies for the Legal Researcher Index

Legal Research on the Internet:  Outline of on-line legal research techniques and Web resources.

Researching Companies on the Internet - A Tutorial

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